Beat the Boredom – Online Support for Sportspeople

Maximise the downtime, be super ready, inside and out when sport is back after the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted!

A small group transformative coaching program for athletes at every level of the game.

These are challenging times with all sporting activities coming to an abrupt halt across the world. All the training and effort put into the season, and in one week, it’s shut down not touch down!

Yet, somewhere deep inside of us, we know we have what it takes to beat this Coronavirus. For hundreds of years, human beings before us have found an innate resilience and wisdom to combat the most tragic of world events, and this is no different. Already we see the whole range of reactions from human beings who temporarily feel threatened; panic and selfishness to calm and incredible acts of kindness and care.

This small-group online program is a generous offering with sensitivity to funding. It is a global initiative designed to support athletes at the club, regional and national level in all sports, to learning something that will make every second of these restrictions count! With insights athletes will become highly self-aware, and be able to mitigate mood swings eg. feeling the pressure, lack of confidence, and panic with ease and grace.

How a small-group (3-4 athletes) online training can help you:

With over 30 years’ experience in elite sports performance, engaging in transformative conversations with coaches and managers at club, regional, elite, national and professional levels, I can help you to:

  • Understand the content of your thinking, in a whole new way that leaves you unafraid of your moods.
  • Uncover what causes self-image and identity issues, and live life fully involved and engaged.
  • Embrace the power of insight, that leads to positive, profound and sustainable change.
  • Harness the ‘just play’ freedom feeling rather than struggling and striving to make it to the next level.
  • Realise your innate creative potential and enjoy a happy, healthy life even amidst these times of restriction and change.
  • Enhance your relationships, especially with those close to you; help your parents to understand your world and not worry!

As a result, the following impact is on offer:

  • Navigate expectations through times of uncertainty and challenge with clarity.

  • Overcome fear and insecurity not knowing what the future holds now that your training is interupted.

  • Be comfortable being happy, laughing and having fun, yes even now!

  • Beat the boredom, find your natural joy, curiosity and peace amidst the chaos of the Coronavirus.

  • Banish conflict, and unnecessary hurt, remain calm and creative, make this time count!

  • Stop blaming others or circumstances for the way you feel, take responsibility for your own psychology.

  • Make the most of this forced time-out, be super ready; spiritually and emotionally aware.

If we can get together and help the youth see the simplicity of life, see that they have this beauty inside of them, to see they have this power within them, the youth will grow up very very wise, and this world will change and become a far far better place to live in.

Sydney Banks

Beat the Boredom - Online Support for Sportspeople

Maximise the downtime, be super ready, inside and out when sport is back after Coronavirus restrictions are lifted!

An Online Small Group Transformative Coaching Program for Sportspeople

£19700 per person
  • Investment is per person for groups of 4 people
  • This includes:
  • 12 x 1 hour small group coaching sessions (three sessions per week for four weeks)
  • All resources – links and downloads
  • On-line via Zoom conferencing calls
  • Identify 4 athletes and name your group, then book here individually, using your group name as your reference.

What People Say About Working With Denise

I enjoyed this course very much as it improved my shooting technique and accuracy dramatically. I learned that you do not have to be controlled by your negative thoughts because they are not you.

Harriet Bonner-Leney
Age 12

I am so grateful to have worked with Denise, I used to float in and out of different moods and believed it was other things and situations causing them. Honestly, this understanding has changed my life.

Nadia McMillian
Third Year Student - The University of Kent, Sport and Exercise Science.

Denise’s new approach is great for teamwork, we don’t get upset with each other anywhere near as much, and get over disappointments quickly.

Amelia Davies
Third Year Student - The University of Kent, Sports and Excercise for Health

I used to struggle to remain calm and confident in stressful situations, what others think of me, what would happen if I did something wrong? We are all capable of achieving, no part of our abilities is lacking! This programme has truly changed me for the best and is perfect during my final year of University.

Hannah Salem
Third Year Student - The University of Kent - Sports Therapy

Before I took part in Denise’s Health and Well Being programme, I stressed in many situations; it would prevent me from taking part in different things. I now look at the situations holistically and not let thoughts prevent me from putting myself forward.

Charlie Harris
2nd-year student – The University of Greenwich – Forensic science with Criminology Student

Denise has the skills and experience to wake people up to deeper knowledge about themselves. In the sporting arena, this knowledge happens to be crucially important.

Adam Ashe
Professional Rugby Player – Glasgow Warriors

I enjoyed speaking with Denise about the mind and performance. The conversations were very insightful and always had me challenging and questioning the status quo regarding mental performance. The critical pointer Denise gave was that our natural state is freedom of mind, clarity and potential. We don’t need to overexert the mind to find these states. Searching for them often leads us further into tension. I found this very relatable to direct experiences in life and sport.

Grayson Hart
Scotland International Rugby Player - London Scottish FC

I appreciate the support Denise gave me when I was transitioning into my new role at Leinster and helping me understand how to ‘free my mind!

Stuart Lancaster
Senior Coach Leinster Rugby – Former England Rugby Coach

Denise has been instrumental in my evolving understanding of the Three Principles and how they specifically apply in high-performance sport. Her insightful and intuitive way of working has challenged and deepened my fundamental understanding of all human performance. I’ll always be appreciative of her significant role in my development as a performance director and coach.

Richard Pybus
Founder & CEO Optimal Performance - Former Director of Cricket - West Indies Cricket Board

Denise has a tremendous understanding of how to achieve elite performance in sport. Her contagious enthusiasm is motivating and inspires you to the next level

Lesley MacDonald
Scotland National Netball Athlete (107 caps)

I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Denise when we met in America. It would be easy to accuse me of exaggeration or sensationalising by making the following statement, but I can only offer you the truth as I see it.

Matthew Roberts
England International High Jumper who came back from breaking his neck!

Denise is impressive in her abilities by any standard. Her ability to teach and develop those around her, mark her out as someone with exceptional leadership and coaching skills. I constantly seek advice and counsel from her and trust her implicitly.

Floyd Woodrow MBE
Chairman and CEO of Chrysalis Worldwide