Results Or People – Which is More Important?

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In November 2016, I attended the Leaders Sport Performance Summit at the Emirates Stadium, London UK. It was a great event, professionally organized and managed with world-class speakers. It was fantastic to hear from Michael Owen, how his career was plagued with hamstring injuries and limitations and the effect this had on him both physically and psychologically. As the first …

Denise HollandResults Or People – Which is More Important?

The TRUTH behind Mental Health and Performance in Sport

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Knowing WHO and WHAT you are as a Human being, will improve your experience of life! When we hear about mental health these days, we often think about performers with poor psychological functioning and behaviours, which are troublesome or destructive to self and others. In this article I’d like to suggest an entirely different perspective on mental health: What if, …

Denise HollandThe TRUTH behind Mental Health and Performance in Sport

It’s OK not to KNOW – I didn’t!

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One of the most fascinating parts of my work is the initial conversation with a prospective client? You dance with the possibility that you may or may not have it all covered? You consider, is there something here of any value or not? For a split second you reflect – am I on the right track, do I have the …

Denise HollandIt’s OK not to KNOW – I didn’t!