Elite Performance Curiosities Explained!

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England Rugby, Leicester City FC, Chelsea FC and England Football. Inspired Performance – Understanding v Overcoming Your Mental Life! How fascinating to see the England Rugby team achieve unprecedented victories, with pretty much the same team who failed to make the quarterfinals in the World Cup 2015, not even yet a year ago? How amazing was it to see Leicester …

Denise HollandElite Performance Curiosities Explained!

What Really Caused Andy Murray’s Meltdown?

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As I listened to Andy Murray and read his comments and apologies following his defeat to Novak Djokovic at the final of the Australian Open, my heart went out to him! I felt a deep sense of sadness as he talked about, ‘working harder‘ to ensure he is not distracted by the behaviours of his opponent in future. Knowing a …

Denise HollandWhat Really Caused Andy Murray’s Meltdown?

THRIVE or Survive – International Sport

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(UNDERSTANDING or Application) It’s fascinating to watch other sports – right now, I’m enjoying the fantastic International rugby and getting curious and intrigued again by the intricacies of elite sport. I’m inspired to share what occurs to me about the differentiator between teams who seem to THRIVE under pressure rather than just SURVIVE! These past two weeks we’ve seen several …

Denise HollandTHRIVE or Survive – International Sport