Could the only thing between you and consistently excellent performance be your thinking?

What if, how you see the world is determining everything you achieve in life? Wouldn’t it make sense to learn more about this elusive yet vital performance variable?

Ever considered looking beyond character building, personality, DNA, social and environmental factors, mental conditioning, awareness, to understand the nature of the human experience truly?

Why is it we think what we do? What drives us to behave and respond the way we do, especially when it doesn’t serve us?

Is it seriously about chasing a quiet mind or searching for more productive thoughts to feel better?  Is there something else you’re missing out on that could transform your entire performance in life?

How do you develop and evolve perspective such that it manifests high levels of confidence, resilience and well-being?

Inspired Performance™ is a transformative performance coaching programme designed to help you link the spiritual, psychological, physical and practical aspect of being an amazing human being and sportsperson:

  • I will help you understand how your mind works.
  • I will teach you the critical variables that lead to sustainable elite performance.
  • And you’ll thrive. Not some of the time. All the time.
  • You’ll perform up to and above your current capabilities on a consistent basis.
  • You’ll thrive in times of pressure, even when you’re not confident and your thinking isn’t cooperating.
  • You’ll never lose a match or competition again because your mental game was weak.
  • You’ll play freely, instinctively, and with exuberance so burn-out, stress and anxiety are a thing of the past.
  • You’ll bounce back from off-performances quickly, so slumps are less frequent and less severe.
  • You’ll move up the rankings because you’ll stop losing to less-talented opponents.

Here is a glimpse of how ‘psychological freedom’ impacts team performance – can you imagine:

  • Giving an athlete feedback, unfiltered and unemotional – it wouldn’t occur to athletes to take it personally.
  • Never blaming anyone or anything for the way you feel – being a victim simply wouldn’t make sense.
  • Feeling unburdened by expectations – adds an entirely new dimension to ‘the outcome will take care of itself’!
  • Not wasting time being worried or disillusioned over results or that people don’t agree with or like you!
  • Players with optimal functioning most of the time rather than fleetingly visit the ‘zone’ state.
  • ‘Getting over’ loss in a nanosecond – it wouldn’t occur to you or the players to be self-absorbed.
  • Enjoy performance analysis sessions – players hungry for the facts, totally secure as human beings.
  • A leader-full team; players totally ‘get’ each other – conflicts are a thing of the past!
  • Players with access to 100% of their skill capability – you’ll never be short when it counts!
  • Coaches never have to manage expectations – frees up valuable time for skill development and tactical advancement.

Each client is different. I won’t put you in a box. Together, we’ll design a programme customised to you — so you start to thrive in every part of your life; relationships, financial, sport and family.

If you’re ready to put slumps, disappointing performances, and over-thinking in the past, let’s talk.


Denise HollandConsulting