Step 1


  • Peaceful Places
  • Hopeful Households
  • Resilient Relationships
  • Creative Caring
  • Inspired Ideas
  • Exuberent Exploring


  • Stressed & Suffering
  • Fear of Future
  • Disappointed Days
  • Blaming & Boredom
  • Moaning Mondays
  • Worrying & Why Now!

These are strange times, as Covid-19 attacks our land and impacts our lives.

Yet, while I feel for the thousands of families struggling, there is a sense of hopefulness, that humanity will come out the other side of this with a raised level of Consciousness, living more connected to each other; kind, caring and wise!

In sport, we’ll have an eye for a different post, absolute fascination to explore what’s possible through these bodies and minds rather than desperately trying to prove ourselves, and be better than!

Let’s make this time in history count, I am bursting with inspiration and at the same time have the utmost respect for families finding themselves in the ocean of uncertainty without a life-jacket of knowing their true amazing nature as a human being!

Together, we’ve got this! Read Step 1 and take action Step 2.

Even though it doesn’t look like it, feeling OK, at peace and even humorous, at these challenging times is possible. With insight and realisation, it wouldn’t make sense to regurgitate and agonise over missed training sessions, postponed competitions, or changes in income.  Instead, you’ll make the most of this downtime, reconnect to what’s important to you, and feels right about your life. You’ll find peace and clarity even when the people around you are freaking out! We are in the middle of a ‘mental revolution’, with your wellbeing and resilience always intact.

Step 2

Get in Touch Now!

If you find yourself trapped in a vortex of worry or boredom without a glimmer of a solution to the way you feel, get in touch. In just a few weeks, our world turned upside down in a way which makes history; this can be very scary for people, so don’t be alone. Together, we will share, and I will help you to make this time in your life count, in a way you never thought possible; you will find peace of mind and resilience even amidst the chaos of coronavirus.

Get in Touch Now!

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