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These are strange times, as Covid-19 attacks our land and impacts our lives.

While I feel for the thousands of families struggling, and my heart goes out to you if you have lost a loved one, there is a sense of hopefulness, in our coming together showing incredible resilience and compassion. Humanity has a chance to evolve a higher level of consciousness, living more connected to each other; kind, caring and wise!

Frontline Workers  – Complimentary Wellbeing Support Available

What a fantastic job you are doing, catapulted into increased hours, and working in a potential life-threatening environment; your courage and compassion are so much appreciated. For me, someone must be taking care of you, so that you can be at your best when it counts. The quality of your mind is the difference between saving a person and them dying. There couldn’t be any other reason to support you and ensure that you enjoy high levels of resilience and wellbeing at this time.

There are times when you feel emotionally stable, up for the challenge full of compassion. Yet, many moments of internal panic and fear. Also, loneliness creeps in as you soldier on as much of the nation’s workforce is now Furloughed.

If this resonates and you would like to speak to someone to be heard and find clarity of mind – get in touch, and we’ll arrange a transformative coaching conversation.

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Sportspeople – Coaches, Athletes, Managers – Complimentary Wellbeing Support Available

With no end to the lockdown insight, sportspeople are feeling disappointed, frustrated and sad that competitions you have trained so hard for are cancelled. An uncertain future is something human beings don’t take kindly too, we like to use our intellect and think our way out of a problem, but this one seems too huge to handle! Helping sportspeople make these minutes count is my highest priority.

While I understand the mindset of ‘getting through’ this situation, I also see its limitations, as you put your lives on hold, hang out in the unsavoury space of ‘waiting’ which can be incredibly debilitating.

If you’re up for it, we’ll have an eye for a different post, let’s get 100% curious and fascinated by what’s possible through these bodies and minds, even in lockdown, how much could you learn not about stuff and what others are doing but about yourself? How are human beings engineered? What is this intelligent system that allows us to wake up every day and achieve in life? Wouldn’t you want to make this time in history count and harness the power inside of you that allows you to compete at your best in sports when it counts?

Your personal development is important to me, I am offering a 1-2-1 complimentary transformative conversation, go ahead and register here:

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Ready to learn more about a resilience and confidence training with the least amount of financial investment, especially during these challenging times, check out our small group program, (4 athletes), which comprises, 10 hours of group training including resources and downloads for just ~£197.00 per athlete.

Beat the Boredom – Resilience and Confidence Training for Athletes

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