“MIND THE GAP was brilliant, it wasn’t all about shooting and technique but also what goes on in your mind and why you think what you think. I would recommend this course to other netballers as they will benefit from understanding their thoughts which will help them play more freely.”
– Scarlet Bonner-Leney – Age 14
“I enjoyed this course very much as it improved my shooting technique and accuracy dramatically, both short and long-range shots. The classroom work helped with confidence in myself on the court. I would highly recommend MIND THE GAP to netball athletes at all levels, as they will improve their shooting as I did as well as understand thoughts and that you do not have to be controlled by your negative thoughts because they are not you!”
Harriet Bonner-Leney – Age 12

Netball athletes are having fun learning about their innate mental health, and well-being and the capacity to show up in matches with a clear mind and just play!

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