048 – Rudiger Kennard – Perception, A Construction Not An Instruction

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Rudi and Denise talk about a behavioural performance model; that dealing and working on poor behaviours, with consequences, and discipline procedures are missing the point, i.e. it is too late [...]

047 – Rudiger Kennard – Talent Identification (Pt 4/5)

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Traditionally, we identify talented athletes as those who demonstrate attributes, i.e. being self-determined, keen willingness to learn, capacity to overcome adversity, self-less, highly driven, ability to self-analyse, and be self-motivated [...]

046 – Rudiger Kennard – Insight v knowledge Based Learning – (Pt 3/5)

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The subject of adaptation is widely researched and discussed, especially in the field of sport. Many people resonate with knowledge-based, application of tools and techniques which appears to result in [...]

044 – Former contestant of the BBC show ‘Gladiators’ Rudiger Kennard – ‘Unconditional Experience’ (Pt 1/4)

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Why would sportspeople want to look in the direction of understanding the formless nature of life and experience? What is the potential impact on performance results when you start to [...]

039 – Jamie Smart – Chasing Consistency of Performance – Helpful or Not? (Pt 5/5)

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What are people looking for when they ask high-performance coaches to help them improve their consistency of performance? Sportspeople spend hours striving for excellence in their performances. You live in [...]

Denise on Twitter For sportspeople who wish for a stronger mindset especially, when the pressure is on, and the best they can hope for is to cope? What if there is something way better than this available? #pressure, #clarity Six-week series to help you free your mind from over-thinking or self-limiting beliefs, allowing yourself to ‘be in the moment’. Think about your performance as a coach/manager flowing naturally and effortlessly, inspiring your athletes to be outstanding.

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