This event is like no other and has become a highlight of my year.  You can hardly call it a conference, it’s more like a space of love, connection, fun and transformation. I am delighted to be a speaker at this event once again, whether we hold it in person or online.

Whatever, you are up to in life, sport or business, this conference is for you, if you want to feel better, perform well, and be on purpose!  We do very well when our mind is clear and uncluttered by concern and worry. Through attending this conference, you’ll enjoy a quieter mind, naturally without techniques or more things to think about, and you’ll have heaps of fun!

If this resonates, join us at this event in Devon; you will not be disappointed that I can promise!

Event location:

The Pier House, Merley Road, Westwood Ho, Devon, Ex39 1JU

Register here:

Warm wishes