The North Devon Mental Health and Wellbeing conference an event like no other, actually, you can hardly call it a conference, it’s more like space of love, connection and understanding of insight and transformation. I am delighted to be involved and share at this event. Imagine, not needing to ‘cope’ with your mental life, no more suffering, personal development courses, or trying to figure it all out? What if you could learn something that would help you navigate this world with ease, fun and grace? What if evolution has now given us the technology to understand our experience as human beings such that we get to live more peaceful, productive and happy lives?

Whatever, your field of endeavour in life, relationship, sport or business, you perform at your best when your mind de-clutters. By attending this conference, you will uncover what you need to understand to enjoy a quieter mind, naturally without techniques or more things to do! If this resonates, join us at this event in Devon; you will not be disappointed that I can promise!

A note from the organizers, Bec Sheffield and Deb Simmons:

Event location:

The Pier House, Merley Road, Westwood Ho, Devon, Ex39 1JU

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Warm wishes