Mental Freedom for Sport Coaches (Silver)


This revolutionary new insight-based training program allows a person to:

  • Operate effectively and productively irrespective of feeling anxious or overwhelmed.
  • Uncover your innate confidence, and re-establish your intuitive drive for learning and fun.
  • Expand your current skill capacity and extend what’s possible for you; take action with ease.
  • Suffer less and enjoy your sport and life more, without limitation and restriction.



Six-week Transformative Session-Based Training (In-person and online), this includes:

  • Two private 90-minute coaching sessions per day for three days (at least two days must be consecutive days, and the third day within the week)
  • Four further private 90-minute coaching sessions, one per week for four weeks
  • All resources – DVDs, downloads, and books
  • In-person, meetings held in West Malling, Kent UK, and online via zoom conferencing calls.


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