The Ryder Cup – Spot the Difference?

WOW, did you watch the Ryder Cup? What a 'feeling' to the European Ryder Cup Team! It was simply brilliant to see this display of human potential; clarity, connection, spirit, innate confidence, resilience, synergy, love and unity. The level and quality of their performance was outstanding – your capacity to perform skills irrespective of your thinking, i.e. perform even when [...]

2019-05-05T08:42:46+01:00October 14th, 2014|

Ever Completely Stuffed The Team Talk?

Whether it’s before, during or immediately after a performance, do you ever get it right? IS there a right or a wrong way to conduct team talks? Let’s take a closer look? Its match day, the preparations are complete and its time for your final words? Or It’s an interval, the athletes walk over to the bench, and it’s your [...]

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