It’s OK not to KNOW – I didn’t!

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One of the most fascinating parts of my work is the initial conversation with a prospective client? You dance with the possibility that you may or may not have it all covered? You consider, is there something here of any value or not? For a split second you reflect – am I on the right track, do I have the …

Denise HollandIt’s OK not to KNOW – I didn’t!

What Really Caused Andy Murray’s Meltdown?

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As I listened to Andy Murray and read his comments and apologies following his defeat to Novak Djokovic at the final of the Australian Open, my heart went out to him! I felt a deep sense of sadness as he talked about, ‘working harder‘ to ensure he is not distracted by the behaviours of his opponent in future. Knowing a …

Denise HollandWhat Really Caused Andy Murray’s Meltdown?

The Ryder Cup – Spot the Difference?

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WOW, did you watch the Ryder Cup? What a ‘feeling’ to the European Ryder Cup Team! It was simply brilliant to see this display of human potential; clarity, connection, spirit, innate confidence, resilience, synergy, love and unity. The level and quality of their performance was outstanding – your capacity to perform skills irrespective of your thinking, i.e. perform even when …

Denise HollandThe Ryder Cup – Spot the Difference?

Under-Achievement – Are you a Victim or Genius?

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I’d like to share a beautiful metaphor created whilst working recently with a group of University athletes. As a group we considered the things that appear to ‘get us’, seem to ‘put us in a bad mood’, ‘send us crazy with frustration’ and distract us from our performance programme. One of the most common circumstances at University is, the state …

Denise HollandUnder-Achievement – Are you a Victim or Genius?