WOW, did you watch the Ryder Cup? What a ‘feeling’ to the European Ryder Cup Team!

It was simply brilliant to see this display of human potential; clarity, connection, spirit, innate confidence, resilience, synergy, love and unity.

The level and quality of their performance was outstanding – your capacity to perform skills irrespective of your thinking, i.e. perform even when your thinking isn’t co-operating!

 The Ryder Cup 2014

What if there’s something really transformative here and it’s not just for the elite?

What if there’s something that is seriously affecting your results and you don’t have your eye on it?

Stay with me:

Can you imagine what it would be like to coach a group of athletes who attend training sessions and competitions with nothing on their mind; utter clarity, without doubt, concern, judgment, opinion, solutions, fears, ought to’s?

And the list goes on – home life, finances, relationships, injuries, current form, selections, should’s etc.

What would be the impact on your bottom line, the results, if athletes didn’t need to de-clutter their mind every time they performed?

For years, through traditional psychology, you’ve used mental skills, tool, practices and techniques to ‘work on’ all the thoughts that get in the way of your best performance in any given situation, ie to quiet the mind.

Does it work?

Here are a few reflective questions to consider:

  • Do the athletes appear to have an unhindered access to their natural resource of wisdom, instinct and intuition or are they over-thinking everything?
  • Are athletes regularly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – how often are you shocked by what they achieve?
  • Can you witness acceleration in learning – do athletes expand their skill capabilities in record time or seem to take weeks for adaptation, if at all?
  • How much time do you spend on resolving disputes and conflicts between teammates instead of creating opportunities to advance performance?
  • How often do you need to repeat tactical sessions because it’s simply not gelling, it’s not coming together?
  • After match days, are you drawn to correcting tactics or techniques, as it seems there is a flaw in an otherwise solid skill?
  • Are you using vital energy resource striving and searching to elevate your teams performance and get that strong return on investment?
  • The harder your athletes try to perform, the worse they seem to get!
  • You can see the X factor in a few athletes, but believe that this is just in their make up, and not possible for everyone!

As a National Coach, I can honestly say, I resonate with every single one of these questions, and it has, at times caused me hours of undue stress and inefficiencies.

It doesn’t work, because it doesn’t work that way?

So if traditional psychology isn’t IT, what do you need to know to draw the best out of your athletes and coaches? 

Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

There needs to be a shift in understanding of the relationship between ‘state of mind’ and ‘outcome/results’.

A persons ‘state of mind’ doesn’t ‘influence’ performance it ‘determines’ performance!

It’s what I teach my clients – through education you will become aware of how your mind works, the role your mind plays in relation to everything you do in life.

The biggest mistake I see coaches and athletes make is that they resign themselves to inevitable low qualities of mind, a low level psychological functioning.

Then believe that the only solution is to work incredibly hard using mental skills and techniques to overcome and override their low level thinking.

It sounds a little crazy doesn’t it – but when you don’t KNOW about it, you CAN’T do anything about it.

Sadly, this traditional and culturally accepted approach, limits your capacity for fresh new thinking and thwarts your ability for outstanding results and an amazing life.

If this resonates with you, I’d be happy to have a conversation, get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to speak.

Wishing you clarity to always perform at your best!

Love Denise x

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If you feel this might be helpful to someone you know, please go ahead and share it. I hate to see sports people struggling with the same old results and burn out in the process – that’s horrible!