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When you’re involved in a sport for any length of time, you know there are times you’ll face disappointment.

As the National Netball Coach for Scotland, I had one of these critical moments back in 2012.   With the stars aligned for greatness, we had a pivotal competition coming up on our schedule. We played excellent netball for weeks in the lead-up, and our world ranking was rising. It was time to make a statement!  

Only we didn’t — we made uncharacteristic mistakes, bickered amongst ourselves, our heads went down early, minds got cluttered and nothing I did made a difference.   We finished last, and I felt sick at what transpired. 

This time was my turning point  – if I was going to be involved in a sport, at all levels of the game, participation through to elite level, I had to unlock the key to consistent, excellent performance.   Little did I know that what I’d discover would turn out to be the ultimate game-changer for sportspeople who want to reach their full potential.  

There’s nothing I hate more than seeing athletes struggle because strategies and techniques taught as part of our cultural conditioning inadvertently muddle their mind.  

You don’t need more things to master and practice. All you need is a deeper understanding of how you operate as a human being so that you can perform in life. Now it is my mission to:

  • Teach people how their mind works, so they consistently play with a sense of freedom that leads to extraordinary results. 
  • Show athletes and coaches a ridiculously simple way to stay in the game even when their thinking isn’t co-operating. 
  • Help sportspeople to minimise slumps and losing streaks caused by excessive thinking.
  • Point sportspeople towards, unity, oneness, clarity, well-being, connection, love, and respect, the ultimate in team cohesion, even when personalities clash.

I want you to thrive. And there is no reason you can’t. You have everything within to be at your best in sport, relationships, business, and with family.  I love what I do – sports coaching has been my passion for 20 years playing and coaching around the globe in Asia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe. Now I get to share what eluded me all that time – how wonderful is that.    If you’re looking to bring out the best in your life, let’s have a conversation and get you on the road to greatness. 

Professional BIO:

Denise is the founder of the business Class Performance – Excellence Within, based in the UK, which primarily upon inception focused on the field of high-performance sport, an area, as both a national athlete and coach she has spent the past 25 years. With the ever-increasing demands, on local government to address poor productivity, under-achievement and people suffering from stress-related illnesses, Denise has extended her work to the field of education.

At the peak of her career in elite sport, she was the Scotland National Coach for Netball, 2008-2013. Her highlight was leading the Scottish Thistles, via 46 International CAPS from World Ranking 17th to 12th to qualify for the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow 2014.

Intuitively, most people realise that the ‘mind’ has something to do with performance in life. Whether it is marginal gains in a sporting endeavour, able to live in harmony with your partner and children or to step up in your career, this is all created and governed by your use of the human mind. Denise can help you to understand your psychology in a whole new and exciting way.

People who work with Denise, uncover their natural peace, clarity and freedom of mind; they live more present to the moment which allows them to enjoy a high performance and fulfilling life. Performance anxiety, stress, addiction and depression are some of the main reasons why people seek out Denise for her revolutionary new approach. With Transformative Performance Coaching, people experience lighter, happier times connected to their innate mental health, resilience and confidence. Through insight not an application of techniques, people become unafraid of the future, past or consequences, instead they embrace the unknown and relax into the now and the infinite creative potential and intelligence behind all human beings”.

It was during the years of extensive travel and living in Hong Kong and Canada for a total of 10 years that Denise gained a profound respect for the human condition and varying cultures. She adopted her two children Lydia and James while living in Hong Kong. Denise sees opportunity and possibility, everywhere, even amidst the most challenging of outside circumstances. She is a superb example of how an understanding of the human mind, as uncovered by the late Sydney Banks, can transform a person’s life.



Denise Holland is involved in a global initiative called “Web of Wellbeing” #WoW

We are committed as educators to share the principles behind human experience with young people and to showcase the impact and outcomes of the work.

The essence of our project is to ensure that our youth,
the people of the future, have the chance
to lead their lives with psychological freedom.

Helping Young People
See The Power Of Innate Well-being

“If we can get together and help the youth see the simplicity of life,
see that they have this beauty inside of them,
to see they have this power within them,
the youth will grow up very very wise, and this world will change
and become a far far better place to live in.”  – Sydney Banks




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