Transformative Performance Coaching is the difference between you producing highly confident, dominant, and fluid performances on a regular basis and barely making your presence known?

  • Are you satisfied with the quality and intensity of your work, selections, progress and development? NO
  • Do you get confused by your behaviours and responses both on and off the field of play? YES
  • Is discontent running the show and disrupting your decision making, spatial awareness and precision? YES
  • Do you get into conflict easily with team-mates, which distracts you from playing with flair and ease? YES

What if, how you see the world is determining everything you achieve in life? Wouldn’t it make sense to learn more about this elusive yet vital performance variable?

Ever considered looking beyond character building, personality, DNA, social and environmental factors, mental conditioning, to understand the source of all human endeavour?

  • Why is it we think what we do?
  • What is the nature of mental activity, positive and negative?
  • What drives our behaviours and do we have a choice?
  • Is it better to understand the cause of unproductive responses rather than deal with them?
  • Searching for more productive thoughts to find your best performance, might look like a great idea, but really, is it the best we’ve got?

Inspired Performance™ is a transformative performance coaching programme designed to help you link the spiritual, psychological, physical and practical components of human performance in sport.

Can you imagine:

  • Giving an athlete feedback, unfiltered and unemotional, it wouldn’t occur to athletes to take it personally.
  • Never blaming anyone or anything for the way you feel, being a victim just wouldn’t make sense.
  • Feeling unburdened by expectations, this adds an entirely new dimension to ‘the outcome will take care of itself’.
  • Not wasting time being worried or disillusioned over results or that people don’t agree with or like you.
  • Players with optimal functioning most of the time rather than fleetingly visit the so-called optimal performance zone state.
  • Get over a loss in a nanosecond; it wouldn’t occur to you or the players to ruminate for too long.
  • Useful performance analysis sessions, with players hungry for the data on opposition preferences and skills.
  • A leader-full team with players understanding each other irrespective of behaviours, so conflicts is a thing of the past.
  • Players with access to 100% of their skill capability maximising training and resources.
  • Coaches no longer need to manage expectations; athletes are open to exploring what’s possible at any given moment, which frees up valuable time for skill and tactical advancement.

These results are examples of what’s on offer with Transformative Performance Coaching. Each client is different. I won’t put you in a box. Together, we’ll design a programme customised to you — so you start to thrive in every part of your life; relationships, financial, sport and family.

If you’re ready to put slumps, disappointing performances, and over-thinking in the past, let’s talk.


Denise HollandConsulting