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International ‘100% Shooter – Master the Mind’ programme:

For decades, sportspeople have worked tirelessly using tools, strategies, coping mechanisms, and sheer grit determination to control, manage and manipulate their thinking in order achieve consistency of performance under pressure, but does this really work?

Is there something you’re missing out on that would give you the edge and allow you to transfer 100% of your skill capability to the court when it counts?

So often I hear sportspeople refer to the notion that, stress and pressure are an inevitable part of being involved in elite and professional sport, it is said to come with the territory – does it?

What if this assumption is nothing more than an innocent mis-understanding of how the human mind really works?

It is even so much part of our sporting cultures, that it is assumed that stress and pressure ‘particles’ are lurking all around the elite training and competition environment and it’s only a matter of time before you get them just like you catch a cold!

What if this is simply a trick of the mind?

The ‘100% Shooters – Master the Mind’ programme is designed to help you as a netball shooter achieve way beyond your current skill capability. It will not only massively improve your shooting but also take your entire game and life to new heights; you’ll re-connect to the psychological freedom and fun that inspired you to play netball in the first place!

Here are a few examples of the impact of understanding the role the mind plays in creating human performance. This IS that missing component you’ve been searching for, it will unblock anything you’re holding which keeps you limited, restricted and suffering – it will open you up to thrive in your chosen sport, not merely survive the challenge of high performance.

  • You won’t blame anyone or anything for the way you feel, on or off the court – being a victim of circumstance simply wouldn’t make sense.
  • You’ll engage in feedback, unfiltered and unemotional, deeply connected and knowing that it wouldn’t occur to you to take anything personally.
  • You’ll be unburdened by the expectations of target shooting stats; you’ll be free to create your highest performance and go beyond your current skill capacity.
  • You won’t waste living minutes in states of worry, frustration or disillusionment leading up to and following selection decisions – you’ll have clarity to know the next step best for you!
  • Your perceptual field will expand; your responses become highly instinctive, your cue detection and space awareness heightened giving you more options and time to execute with precision accuracy both on and off the ball.
  • You’ll experience optimal functioning most of the time rather than fleetingly feel the zone state.
  • You’ll be unaffected psychologically and physically by the so-called, ‘pressure environment’ able to maximize and accelerate recovery, especially enjoying high quality sleep!
  • You’ll develop as a strong leader, someone who truly understands that poor behaviours come from a low state of mind – you’ll encourage teammates not to be re-active, instead have empathy, which allows potential conflicts to dissolve immediately.
  • Retiring due to poor form or under-achievement simply won’t make sense to you; you’ll drain every last drop of fun, and challenge out of the game you adore!
  • You’ll be able to play in the finals just as free as you play at training – you’ll be able to transfer your shooting skills to the court no matter what the environment or competition.
  • You’ll bounce back from off performances quickly, so slumps are less frequent and less severe.
  • You’ll minimise the time spent in low moods and the damage caused whilst in this low functioning space.

Together we’ll take your game beyond anything you could have imagined!

Going beyond the mystery of our netball shooters needing to ‘cope’ under pressure!

How does the programme work?

It is bespoke to you, together we’ll design it for you! We can work virtually using Zoom or Skype, or in person whatever makes sense to us both. We’ll spend 3/4 days together 1-2-1 in person or 2 x 2 days virtually within the space of one week. You’ll be given tasks to aid your progress and development, your commitment to being a good student is a pre-requisite – don’t sign up if you’re not serious about improving your shooting stats, performance experience, selection opportunities and life! After the initial immersion above, we’ll connect twice weekly for 3 weeks, for a 90 mins coaching session on line.

If you are a national/regional netball coach or athlete, performance director or NGB CEO, and this resonates with you, get in touch by e-mail and we’ll arrange a time to speak: denise.holland@class-performance.com


Inspired Performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paR8MfoC6oM


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